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house of butterfly eau de parfum

house of butterfly is a transformational fragrance that embodies ozone and subtle floral notes that help to lift and transcend the soul. Offered in a limited edition 3.5oz bottle $100.00 while supplies last.

What people are saying:

“the first time i tried house of butterfly, i knew instantly this would become a signature fragrance for millions including me.” -cristina carlino, founder of philosophy

“Me and my gf and all my friends love it. Its amazing! It smells sooo good”- Tara S.

“I love the perfume its heavenly! I wear it every day!” -Kathleen K.

“I really like the look of the bottle and how it smells. Very sophisticated and like I would wear this all the time. The smell really stands out in a good way and I love how it doesn’t fade away and really sticks” -Kaylee R.

“I love it!” -Emily H.

“I absolutely love it! Smells amazing and I love the butterfly concept!”- Amanda S.

“I’m really picky when it comes to smells, so I only own a few perfumes, but I have used it literally every day since I got it. It’s amazing!” -Abigal M.

“I am sharing it with my 20 year old daughter. It reminds me of a perfume I had when I was 16. It brings back memories of those years growing up in high school.” - Gina S.